Weather Information for Ibadan

Check below the current weather condition in Ibadan. You will see the current temperature in Degrees Celcius as well as other weather parameters like the wind speed, humidity, Precipitation and more

Ibadan, Nigeria
2024-06-14 6:05


Temperature:22.6°C |
Feels like:25.2°C |
Other weather information:
Parameter Value
Wind Wind 5.4 km/h
Pressure Pressure 1013 mb
Humidity Humidity 99%
Visibility Visibility 0 km
UV UV Index 1
Precip Precipitation 0.02
Ibadan Current Weather breakdown

Based on the information we have, the current weather of Ibadan, Nigeria is Fog. The temperature at this moment is 22.6°C (72.8°F) . That said, this temperature feels like 25.2°C and the wind speed is 5.4 km/h while we have a current pressure of 1013 mb

Under these conditions, the current UV index is 1 and the visibility is 0 km while the precipitation is 0.02