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    Ibadan is a city of 3.6 million people (2021) in Oyo State, South West Nigeria. Its historic significance in the affairs of the declining Oyo Empire has endowed it with a lot of places to see and its location at the edge of the Yoruba heartland makes it an ideal base to explore the major Yoruba cities which might not always have as many developed facilities for the foreigner as Ibadan does.


    Mapo Hall (Ibadan City Hall)

    Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa in terms of geographical mass; it used to be the capital of the entire South West Nigeria region excluding Lagos, and is now the capital of Oyo State.



    The climate in Ibadan is tropical. The average annual temperature is 30 °C in the day and at night is 26°C in Ibadan. During rainy season, the annual precipitation is about 1467 mm (57.8 in). The precipitation reaches its peak between July and August with an average of 218 mm (8.6 in).

    In dry season, the driest months are December and January with 8.26 mm of rain. If you are visiting when the weather is like this, drink plenty of water, and do not plan on staying outside for long during the sunny days. The interior of cars will get dangerously hot, especially if it's parked in the sun and the windows are up; don't leave pets or children in there, no matter how briefly.

    Get in


    Shared cars and buses are available to Ibadan from multiple bus terminals in Lagos for about ₦2,000 and above (naira). The journey takes about three to four hours along the heavily trafficked Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and buses arrive in the southern part of the city. Private taxis can be hired from Lagos for USD 30-50. There are various destinations which you can alight at in Ibadan city, the popular place is known as IWO-ROAD.

    Regional buses connect to Ibadan from all major towns in Southwestern Nigeria, including Abeokuta, Ile-Ife, Ogun, Ekiti and Oyo. Night buses also connect the city to the north, via Abuja, Kaduna, Sokoto, Katsina and eastern Nigerian town.

    By plane


    Ibadan has an airport, which is served by domestic carriers only. There are flights from Abuja, Lagos and Ilorin. Arik Air and Overland Airways are the two airlines that operate in Ibadan Airport.

    • 1 Ibadan Airport. Ibadan Airport (Q3360329) on Wikidata Ibadan Airport on Wikipedia

    By train


    The higher-speed Lagos-Ibadan Railway line connecting Ibadan to Lagos via Abeokuta opened in January 2021. In the future, the line will be extended to Kano. The new railway station is located in Moniya, far north of the city centre, meaning you will have to use a connecting bus or taxi. Nigerian Railway Corporation offers several daily return passenger service on the line. Tickets cost between ₦3000-6000.

    Additionally, there are much slower long-distance trains on the old narrow gauge route from Kano via Kaduna, continuing to Lagos. These long-distance trains should run a few times per week, but are subject to frequent cancellations. Notice that these trains call at the old, centrally located, station.

    • 2 Obafemi Awolowo railway station Moniya (18 km north of city centre).
    • 3 Old Ibadan railway station.
    • 4 Ladoke Akintola railway station, Omi Adio, Abeokuta Road. 7AM-9PM. free.

    Get around


    There is an extensive network of minibuses and shared cars. A journey from one end of the city to the other costs around ₦100. Okadas (motorcycle taxis) are cheap and available everywhere, though some riders are erratic.


    Bower Memorial Tower
    University of Ibadan gate, Ibadan
    Cocoa House
    • 1 National Museum of Unity, National Museum Road (off Dick Road). M-F 8AM-4PM. Better than most of the regional museums in Nigeria, the museum at Ibadan has a large collection of art, drums, and Egungun costumes.
    • 2 Agodi Gardens (formerly Agodi Zoological and Botanical Gardens), Secretariat Rd, Mokola Hill. The tropical garden includes a swimming pool with inflatable balloons. There is a mini zoological park, and a garden/lawn for picnickers. The upkeep can be variable. An adult entry will cost ₦500-1000. ₦500 entry and ₦500 for zoo. Agodi Gardens (Q28401561) on Wikidata Agodi Gardens on Wikipedia
    • 3 Bower Memorial Tower, Oke-Are. Here you can get some inspiring views over Ibadan, particularly from the top of the tower.
    • 4 The University of Ibadan, Sango-Ojoo Road, +234 000000000. Nigeria's oldest university (established in 1948), and a centres of collegiate learning in Africa. The beautiful campus has several places of interest: the Tower Court, Zoological garden, Botanical garden and an ultra-modern guest house. University of Ibadan (Q1169487) on Wikidata University of Ibadan on Wikipedia
    • 5 Mapo Hall, Old Quarter. This is another site where you can get good views of Ibadan, particularly of all the brown roofs everywhere. But take care because it is not in the best neighbourhood. Mapo Hall (Q6754136) on Wikidata Mapo Hall on Wikipedia
    • 6 Cocoa House, Dugbe. This is the first building in Nigeria with over 20 floors, it is the first skyscraper in West Africa. It was completed in 1965. It was built from proceeds of agricultural commodities. Cleora (Q5131763) on Wikidata Cleora on Wikipedia
    Broking House, Dugbe, Ibadan
    • 7 The Broking House (Femi Johnson House/ The Glass House), 1 Alhaji Jimoh Odutola Road, Dugbe, +234 810 310 5125. 7AM-9PM. The Broking House is a 10-storey low rise building in the heart of Ibadan, It is the second tallest building in the Ibadan commercial area of Dugbe. The building is a commercial building which belongs to the late Femi Johnson Ogundoyin. It is mostly built of glass and in the sun; the bouncing of sun rays off the panes of glass provides an amazing view that will overwhelm you. Such a beautiful sight to behold. It houses multiple businesses and finance companies.
    • 8 IITA, Oyo Road. IITA is a forest reserve with over 450 different plants, 272 birds, 236 butterflies, 48 mammals and 28 reptiles and amphibians that have been recorded and many more potential discovery. The Forest Reserve is also an important resource for scientific research, training, and environmental education.
    • 9 Ado Awaye Mountains and Suspended Lakes Agodi.
    • Ideere Hills, at Igbo Ora-Eruwa Road, Open 24 hours, with Hills, caves, wonderful rock formations and landscaping views. The rock formations are amazing, the hiking was very exciting, the caves, the lakes, the relics, the fascinating landscape view from the summit. Ideere is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes. (March 2022)
    • 10 Cathedral of St. Peters. Historic Angelican cathedral.
    • 11 Ibadan Military Cemetery. A military cemetery with burials of soldiers from the Nigeria Regiment. Ibadan Military Cemetery (Q8508888) on Wikidata Ibadan Military Cemetery on Wikipedia



    For some outdoor touring and hiking, you could try:

    • 1 Ado Awaye Mountains and Suspended Lakes (about 110 km northwest of Ibadan; once in Ado Awaiye, take road heading east of central mosque for about 1 km), +234 8168310939. This is perhaps some of the best hiking in western Nigeria, up a rock dome where some depressions are filled with water and where you can look across the surrounding Nigerian countryside. There are 600 steps, though, so prepare for a bit of a workout.
    • 2 Old Oyo National Park, Iseyin - Oyo Rd, Isokun, Oyo (park office 57 km north of Ibadan, actual park is like another 40 km north), +234 8035928616, . [1] This national park has rather fallen by the wayside. It used to the home of the critically endangered African wild dog, but no longer. There are in fact few animals left. But there are some interesting rock formations and natural landscape features to see. Old Oyo National Park (Q3294859) on Wikidata Old Oyo National Park on Wikipedia
    • 3 Trans-Amusement park (Trans Wonderland), Along Bodija road. An amusement and theme park. Attractions include roller coasters, electronic bumper cars, panoramic wheels, ferris wheels, merry-go-round horses, space station, flying chain chairs, dragon boats, and funky basket circles. It is a multi-purpose park with a bar, an open space, a playground and lots of amazing structures for fun and entertainment. Trans Wonderland (Q25056751) on Wikidata Trans Wonderland on Wikipedia
    • 4 Viva Cinema, The Palms Shopping Mall, MKO Abiola Way, +234 817 215 1180. 8AM-10PM.



    If you're wanting the outdoor market experience, you could try the Oje, Bere Bodija, Gbagi, Aleshinloye or Dugbe Markets.

    For a more cosmopolitan experience,

    • The Heritage Mall or Cocoa Mall, Dugbe. 10AM-9PM daily.
    • 1 The Palms Mall, M.K.O. Abiola Way, Ring-road. 9AM-9PM.
    • 2 The Jericho Mall, 20, Kudeti Avenue, Onireke GRA. 9AM-9PM.
    • 3 The Ventura Mall, Plot 5 and 6, Old Aerodrome Road Along Sango-UI Road, Samonda, GRA. 9AM-10PM.
    • 4 Foodco Supermarket Bodija, Opposite Aare Ave, Secretariat Rd, Bodija, toll-free: +234 813 233 1101. 9AM-8PM. A supermarket and restaurant where you can buy all your needed groceries and African meals.
    • 5 Foodco Supermarket Ring-road, 17 MKO Abiola Way, New Gra (from Challenge Bus stop, Approach M.K.O. Abiola way, it is opposite the chiken republic building at Iyana-Adeoyo), toll-free: +234 701 547 3634. 9AM-9PM. A supermarket and restaurant in the southwestern part of Ibadan. The supermarket is on the ground floor while the restaurant is on the first floor. There is a section of the building where Medplus Pharmacy is located.
    • 6 Bodija Market. An open-air foodstuff market, one of the largest in Ibadan. Bodija Market (Q25053194) on Wikidata Bodija Market on Wikipedia
    • 7 New Bola Ige Market (Gbagi Market), Old Ife road, Ibadan. An open air market dominated with sales of fabrics materials.
    • 8 Graceys Mart Akobo, Akobo Ibadan, +234 703 743 0421. 8AM-11:30PM. In-store shopping. In-store pick-up. Delivery.
    • Ace mall, Awolowo Avenue Opposite Housing, Bodija Ibadan, Oyo state. Opens 8AM- 11PM (Updated March 2022)
    • 9 Agroshop, IITA), Idi-Ose, Km 40, Along, Old Oyo Rd, Ibadan, +234 9036772771. 8AM–8PM. Fresh food market.

    In Challenge

    • Challenge General Market, Challenge Bus Stop opposite Glo office. You can get most electronic equipments here.
    • Feedwell Supermarket, Challenge, Ogunmola Street Opposite Tantalizer, Challenge Roundabout, 1 MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan, +234 705 164 3833. 8AM–8:30PM (closed Sundays).
    • RJ Signature Grocery Store, Along elebu Akala Road, Challenge, Ibadan, +234 816 552 2615. 9AM–6PM (closed Sundays).
    • Extra mile Stores NigerWest, AK Filling Station Orita challenge Road, +234 803 468 6135. M-Sa 7AM-9PM.
    • Pinnacle Supermarket, 65 Adekunle Fajuyi Road, Mokola Hill 200284, Ibadan, +234 906 457 1517. M-Sa 8AM-9PM.



    For meals, you could try Kokodome Plus, Marthas Kitchen, Latitude Cafe & Lounge, Ibachi, or the Wimpy Ibadan.

    • 1 Bitemore Moniya, Moniya. 8AM-10PM.
    • 2 Chicken Republic, 96, M.K.O Abiola way, Ring-Road, +234 809 016 5915. 9AM-9PM. An outlet of the restaurant chain Chicken Republic where meals such as rice, chips, chicken and Soda drinks are sold. ₦1000.
    • 3 Ose Olorun Food Canteen (Amala Skye), Beside Polaris Bank(Skye Bank), Bodija Market-U.I (Kenneth Dike way) Road, Ibadan. 9AM-8PM. A restaurant where you can buy local Nigerian meals such as Amala, Pounded Yam, Semo, Rice, etc and their corresponding soups. ₦500.
    • 4 Dominos Pizza (Dominos Pizza Ring Road), 6, M.K.O. Abiola way, ring road, Ibadan (from Challenge Bus stop, Approach M.K.O Abiola way, the outlet is close to Mobil Filling Station, at Ring Road), +234 0908 109 9991. 9AM-9PM. An international food organisation, they sell pizza and some other baked foods. ₦2000.
    • 5 Mr Biggs, Iwo road, Ibadan. 8AM-9PM. Mr Biggs franchise is a chain restaurant that sells rice, chicken, burger and other take-away foods. ₦500.
    • 6 Aroma Eatery, Iwo road, Ibadan. 8AM-9PM. Aroma restaurant is a fast food and take away food a restaurant that has a conducive environment for eat out. ₦300.
    • Stone Café Bar&Grill, 6 MKO Abiola way, Oluyole 200273, Ibadan (Iwo-road to roundabout, roundabout to Oluyole), +234 902 0000 891. noon-midnight. Stone cafe has delivery, reservation, parking available, a very conducive environment, sell different kinds of drinks, accept MasterCard and Visa card, Digital payment, Live music and gift cards is also available. ₦2,000.
    • Ola Mummy Food Canteen, along Bodija market, Oju Irin Crescent. 9AM-10PM (updated March 2022)
    • Distinctions Restaurant and lounge, adjacent fidelity bank, Bodija market. 8AM- 11PM (updated March 2022)
    • Amala Skye food canteen, beside Polaris bank Bodija. 7:30AM-8PM (Updated March 2022)
    • Latitude Cafe and Lounge, Ventura Mall, Sango-Ojoo Road. (Updated March 2022)
    • Da Kings Grill and Coffee Restaurant, Sango-Ojoo Road. (updated March 2022)


    • Country Kitchen, : Ogunmola St. M-Sa 9AM-5PM.
    • Domino's Pizza, Orita Challenge Road, beside First Bank, Oluyole, +234 809 041 2733. M-Sa 8AM-9PM.
    • Iyadunni Food Canteen, Shop 1, Oredeyin Shopping Complex, Challenge Expressway, beside PEP, opposite UBA, Ibadan.
    • Mr Bigg's, Challenge Expressway, +234 704 474 7535. M-Sa 7PM-9PM.
    • Chicken Republic, Ogunmola St, +234809 016 5906. M-Sa 7PM-9PM.
    • Tantalizers, Challenge Expressway, 200273, Ibadan. 8AM-8PM.
    • Kapital Kitchen, Inside GASTAB, New Garage Road, Ibadan, +234 904 338 0087.


    • 1 Club Switch, 77, Olusanya Close, off Ring Road, Challenge, +234 806 115 0810. 9AM-9PM. A bar and nightclub where mixed cocktails, soda, beverages and alcoholic drinks are sold. ₦1000. Club Switch (Q106997950) on Wikidata
    • Plat'num Nite Club Ibadan, Awolowo Ave, Mokola. 24 hr. It is a nice relaxation center located in the hub of Bodija, Oyo State. They have both bar and club facilities. ₦1000.
    • 2 Mapsy Relaxation Centre, A1, 200136, Ibadan. 8AM-8PM.
    • Oliver's Cafe, 26 Ladoke Akintola new Bodija Ibadan. 8AM-11PM ( Updated march 2022)
    • Distinctions Lounge, adjacent fidelity bank new bodija. 8AM-11PM
    • Celebrity Club, Plot 4, Aare Junction Bodija, 5 Kenneth Dike Road noon-6AM (Updated March 2022)
    • Club GQ Night club, Awolowo Road Till dawn (Updated March 2022)
    • Club Derock, Disco Club. Palms shopping mall till dawn (Updated March 2022)
    • Frolics Lounge and Night club, Akala Express, Elebu till dawn (Updated March 2022)
    • Option 24/7, 4 Orelope street (Updated March 2022)

    In Challenge

    • 3 Chicken Republic - Challenge, Ibadan, Ogunmola St, +234 809 016 5906. M-Sa 8AM-9PM.
    • Bold Place Bar & Lounge, Along Odo-Ona Elewe Road, +234811 249 1133. 24/7.
    • The Hub Lounge, Ward 08 Sw7, +234 701 366 5718. M-Sa 10AM–11PM.
    • Sublime Lounge & Bar, MKO Abiola Way, 200273, +234 809 750 0002. 10AM-2AM.
    • Greol Lounge and Bar, Odu' A Shopping Centre, Agodi Road / Idi Ape Rd, +234 810 236 3957. 10AM-11:30PM.


    • 1 Adis Hotels Ibadan, 1 Akinsehinwa Street (east of Agodi Gardens), +234 8169339395. Gated hotel in neighborhood with wifi, restaurant/bar, and airport shuttle. Dependable lodging. ₦23600.
    • 2 Best Western Plus Ibadan, 25 Jibowu Cres, GRA, +234 8150402025. Dependable chain hotel close to Ring Road with hot tub, pool, gym, free breakfast, restaurant/bar, buffet a/c, WiFi, airport shuttle. Very sleek. ₦36751.
    • 3 Mauve21 Hotel, MKO Abiola Way, Oluyole, +234 9093933118. Place looks like it was hosed down in mauve. Has a big events center and club, plus security gate, gym, bar, and WiFi. On the commercialized "Ring Road".
    • 4 Biobak Kitchen & Apartments, Ibadan, 25 Okediji Ave, Off Awolowo Ave, Old Bodija, +234 8036174014. Place kind of looks like an apartment complex in a quiet neighborhood close to the Agodi Gardens and Oyo State municipal buildings with a security gate and restaurant and bar.
    • Plaza Park Hotel, Bodija Road. Cheap, clean rooms near the university. Secure location, pleasant staff. There is something of a cockroach problem, though.
    • 5 Best Western Plus Ibadan, 25 Jibowu Cres, GRA, +234 815 040 2025. Has 50 bedrooms which feature current technology as of 2021 and amenities. Each room is equipped with high-speed wireless Internet access, a work desk, refrigerator, mini-safe and 40-inch HD television. ₦44,263.
    • 6 Premier Hotel, Mokola Hill (Mokola Hill, off Mokola roundabout, Mokola-Sango road), +234 81 116 12345, . ₦25000-80000. Premier Hotel (Q25045650) on Wikidata Premier Hotel on Wikipedia
    • 7 Golden Tulip Ibadan, Golden Tulip Ibadan Quarter 781, GRA, Jericho, +234 906 000 2479. Features accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. Among the facilities are a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The accommodations provide a shared lounge and a concierge service for guests. ₦44000.
    • 8 Townhouse Hotel Ibadan, 1, NTC Quarters, Iyaganku GRA (adjacent to Ibadan Tennis Club), +234 706 223 6756. 3-star hotel in Ibadan with outdoor pool and restaurant. ₦32000.
    • 9 Kakanfo Inn and Conference Center (Kakanfo), Nihinlola Street, Off Joyce 'B' Road, Off, MKO Abiola Way, +234 807 359 0868. 3.5-star hotel with restaurant and bar/lounge, this hotel has massage/treatment rooms. Free WiFi in public areas and free self-parking are also provided. Additionally, dry cleaning, laundry facilities, and a 24-hour front desk are onsite. All 63 rooms offer free WiFi, rainfall showerheads, and TVs with satellite channels. Safes, showers, and free toiletries are among the other amenities that guests will find. ₦20000 - 80000.
    • 10 Divine Grace Suites, Apapa Road, +234 8063735346. Check-out: noon.
    • Joybam Hotel & Event Centre, Old Sawmill Street (Challenge), +234 906 457 1517. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: noon. Free parking lot, pool, free breakfast, full laundry service, bar, restaurant, fitness.
    • Carlton Gate Xclusive Hotel Agodi Ibadan, Quarters 860, Total Garden Road Agodi. (Updated March 2022)
    • Orchard Hotel, Onireke Quarters Rd. (Updated March 2022)
    • BON Hotel Nest Bodija Ibadan, Plot A, Oduduwa Street off Adeyi Street Off Awolowo Road Old Bodija. (Updated March 2022)
    • Danest Hotels and Suites: Hotel in Old Bodija Ibadan, with swimming pool, gym and fitness centre, free Wifi, free parking and complimentary breakfast. (Updated March 2022)
    • 4, Beckley Street off Adeyi- Estate old Bodija Road. (Updated March 2022)
    • Best Western Plus Ibadan, 25 Jibowu Crescent. (Updated March 2022)
    • 11 Tobijays Global Hotel, Number 7, Abepe Oduaiye Crescent, Idi-Igbaro, Eruwa Road, +234 706 811 1352.
    • House Eleven Hotel and Apartments, Old, Sawmill Street, Ibadan.
    • Joybam Hotel and Event Centre, Old, Sawmill Street, Ibadan, +234 906 457 1517.
    • Genesis Hotel and Suites, : Beside Fire Station Bus stop, Challenge, Ibadan, +234 806 669 9966.
    • Mauve 21 Hotel, MKO Abiola Way, Oluyole 200273, Ibadan, +234 909 393 3118.





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    • Eruwa is 77 km (48 mi) North west of Ibadan
    • Igbo Ora is 117 Km
    • Iwo is 30 km east of Ibadan city
    • Oyo is 85 km east of Ibadan
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