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    Jos is a city of about 810,000 people (2015). It is the state capital of Plateau State in North Central Nigeria. Before the unrest that has shaken the region, the city's cool climate, scenic plateau location and colonial importance made it a popular tourist destination.


    Native horsemen during a ceremony in Jos during the early 1970s.

    Jos is inhabited by various ethnic groups and chiefs, of whom are indigenous Afizere, Berom, Anaguta, Bugi, Mwagwavul, Angas, Tarok and many more from other areas of Nigeria, such as Yoruba and Igbo, Hausa and many southerners displaced from other northern cities in the aftermath of religious violence. The most widely spoken language is Hausa, and because of the high literacy rate in Jos, almost everyone also speaks English.

    Jos, looking south from Anglo-Jos

    Jos is an old city, one of the first built in Nigeria during colonial rule. Jos has always been the home of many cultures. Because of its old structure, Jos has been a very hard place for the government to renovate. Although places like Rayfield and other new settlements have the feeling of living in a developed city, its oldest sites and tourist locations most certainly are very outdated.

    The Berom are one of the three largest groups in the city and environs. According to the locals, the prominent people in the Lamingo district are the Afizere also called by the Hausa exonym, Jarawa. The language of the Berom is Berom (the largest Plateau language spoken in Nigeria) and that of the Afizere is called Izere, with the third group being the Irigwe who speak Rigwe; however, the dominant language spoken across the city is Hausa. Some of the common names you hear around the Berom speaking areas are Jang, Pam, Dung, Dalyop; names you would hear in the Izere speaking areas are Azi, Izang, Arin, Itse, Aware for males and Adar, Agyer, Atong, Kushim for females. Lamingo occupies an expanse of land - high lands and lowlands inclusive. Flat terrain of rocks seen in isolation and in groups bound this area.

    Get in

    Old Airport Road Roundabout, Jos
    Terminus Roundabout

    Jos is served by many bus lines, chiefly Cross Country that runs air-conditioned mini-van services from Lagos and Abuja. The state government-owned Plateau Line runs station wagon services, but these are mostly uncomfortably crowded trips. Many other state governments operate transport services with termini in various Jos motor-parks from surrounding state capitals: Gombe, Lafia, Kaduna, Damaturu and even Yola. Other mini-bus or car services are private arrangements where you sit and wait for the vehicle to fill up, but are best avoided because the drivers tend to have dubious driving skills. You can also get into Jos by having a private driver in a private vehicle; because of terrorist acts, you may pass through a lot of security check points.

    By plane

    • 1 Yakubu Gowon Airport (JOS  IATA). Arik Air runs a once a day domestic flight from Lagos to Jos. The airport is about 30 km from the town so it is best to have some money for a taxi fare to town (generally about ₦2,500) if there will be nobody waiting for you. Yakubu Gowon Airport (Q8047227) on Wikidata Yakubu Gowon Airport on Wikipedia

    By train


    The old locomotive trains famed in Cyprian Ekwensi's The Passport of Mallam Ilia no longer bring the people in and the tin out.

    Get around

    Map of Jos

    There are many taxi cabs, and other transport vehicles all over Jos, such as motorcycles, tricycles and buses. But they have to be shared with other passengers over defined routes. it is also possible to get a private taxi where you share with no one at all, but it is much safer to bear the inconvenience of travelling with others, to avoid getting robbed. Some mini-bus routes are also defined but these are difficult to understand. The taxis and buses almost always tend to be rickety. Motorcycle taxis, commonly known as 'okada' are also a choice but these can be very dangerous as the road network is filled with a lot of potholes and there is a general lack of safe practices. The "okada" rides also tend to be more expensive than the 'Tricycle' or bus rides but are very flexible.

    Various roads lead to Lamingo depending on where one is coming from. From the University of Jos (main campus/permanent site), you could get a small bus, a motor cycle or a tricycle to Lamingo. Generally speaking, you can get to Lamingo from any destination within Jos with an average of about ₦10,000. You will always find a bus, a tricycle or a bike.



    There are many parks you can see in Jos, examples are the wild life park, and the national museum.

    The old tin mines are all on the outskirts of Jos. They have developed into lakes which might have some environmental concerns. The areas are generally safe but it is best to go with a guide. There are many waterfalls on the outskirts of Jos.

    • 1 Jos National Museum, 1 Museum St, +234 806 380 9560, . It was recognized as one of the best in the country. It has been left to fall to ruin, however. The Pottery Hall is also a part of the museum that has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria and boasts some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts dating from 500 BCE to 200 CE. It incorporates the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture with life-size replicas of a variety of buildings, from the walls of Kano and the Mosque at Zaria to a Tiv village. Articles of interest from colonial times relating to the railway and tin mining can also be found on display. The Jos Museum is also located beside the zoo. Jos Museum (Q6279125) on Wikidata Jos Museum on Wikipedia
    • 2 Gbong Gwom Jos' palace, Tudun Wada Road, Jishe, Jos. Palace of the paramount ruler of Jos.
    • 3 Mees Palace, +2349066491385. 8AM-10PM. Mees palace is multipurpose centre; it has a children's park, eatery, event centre and a cinema. A nice place to hang out with the family.
    • 4 Jos Museum and Zoo, 1 Museum St. The museum houses artefacts and old cars. Lots of historical items from all over the country. A nice place to savour the arts, crafts and history. There are shops selling traditional art.
    • The National Identity Management Commission office: A beautiful building on the Lamingo road.
    • 5 Lamingo Dam. According to locals, the dam is a result of mining activities in the area. Jos is known for its mineral resources, especially tin. Local miners set out to construct wells deep into the ground in search of this mineral and since it is not coordinated, many of dug wells meet at various places killing some of the miners. Underground water was also let out in the process. A former governor modified the outlets and created the Lamingo dam. It is a place to see as well.


    • 1 Shere hills. A prominent site for tourist attraction is the Shere Hills. The hills occupy the size of an average community. It spreads from somewhere in Lamingo into the Angwan Rukuba area of Jos, a bus journey of about 30 minutes. It will interest you to know that some these hills are in the form of caves. Walking up into the "community" of the hills from the lamingo entrance, you will notice a change in landscape even before approaching the hills. As you move in, you see a variety of isolated rocks, tall, short and all forms of shapes and sizes. A very beautiful part of the hiking experience would be where you have to climb down into what seems like a lion's den with no good view of the floor. You might change your mind there and give up the hiking experience all together. However, if you are a little bit daring you would climb in and find yourself in the community of other huge rocks. Between rocks, you find low lands with a little bit of greenery where you can take brief rest. There are road paths as well, seems like a government paved road paths on the way out. You can not not experience climbing what looks like a scaffold constructed in a pond somewhere in between these rocks. The experience was terrific. Here is only a faint description. There are tour guides who will take you round without necessarily charging outrageous fees.
    • 2 Lamingo garden. Lamingo garden is a green area where people relax and flex after day to day activities. Simply put, it is a relaxation center, It has a restaurant where you can eat and drink.
    Elephant at Jos Wildlife Park
    • 3 Jos Wildlife Park, 41, Tudun Wada Rd. 9AM-5PM. Covering roughly 3 sq mi (7.8 km2) of savannah bush, it is a major attraction in the state, attracting tourists from within and outside the country. The park has become a home to various species of wildlife including lions, Rock pythons, marabou storks, baboons, Honey Badgers, camels as well as variant flora. ₦200 per adult, ₦100 per child. Jos Wildlife Park (Q108942442) on Wikidata Jos Wildlife Park on Wikipedia
    • 4 Lamingo Golf Club, Katon Rikkos. Green and luscious golf course well situated near the dam. It is a serene environment with fresh and clean air.
    • New Era Cinema, Mangu Street.


    • 1 University of Jos, University of Jos, Bauchi Rd, 930221, Jos, Plateau. The University of Jos has courses in most fields and has hostel accommodation.
    • Plateau State University (PLASU) offers a variety of courses.
    • The state Polytechnic (PLAPOLY) offer courses with the award of Ordinary and Higher National Diploma.
    • Federal School of Medical Laboratory offers a 3-year course with a certificate of Medical Laboratory Technician.
    • 2 Federal College of Forestry, Bauchi Rd. Federal College of Forestry, Bauchi Road offers courses as well.
    • There is a Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory Technology in Vom, also called Vom Vet. which is usually prided as the best veterinary centre in West Africa.
    • The National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom. They deal not only with animal research, but also human.
    • The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has its television college also located in Jos where courses in film production and editing are on offer.


    Roadside fruit market

    The central business district is around Ahmadu Bello Way in the centre of Jos. You can buy virtually everything possible, ranging from mobile phones, SIM cards, other devices and peripherals, and many other items including food stuffs snacks. There are many banks in the area as well. General merchandise may be purchased around here. For leather products at very good prices, Ferin Gada on Bauchi Road is the best place to go. There is a place popularly referred to as Terminus; it has a diverse market where you can buy food ranging from meat to fish, fresh pepper tomatoes and onions. There are provision stores, shops for electronics and shoes. There is another market called New Market, about 5 minutes ride from terminus where you can get food stuffs too. The market is known for its peculiarity in clothing material.

    Depending on what you need to buy, there are small stalls around for the purchase of snacks and drinks. Shops line the roads at intervals too and there are shopping malls. You could also take a paid tricycle to a father away market if you need stock purchase. Markets like Terminus and Faringada are relatively close. Below are some shopping malls you could try.

    • 1 Lajuba Plaza, Lamingo Rd, Jos (via Bauchi Road, via Ring Road), +234 805 434 0494.
    • 2 Kassa Oyamine, Sambo Atsi Road, Lamingo Rd, Jos (via Bauchi Road or Ring Road), +234 813 390 8348. 8AM-6:30PM. This is a shopping mall. They have a Dermahub and an aesthetic clinic. They do makeovers, too. They sell children's and adults' clothes. Its a neat and beautiful place to shop.
    • Star Supermarket, 12BAhmadu Bello Way, +234 806 965 3424.
    • Central Supermarket, No. 19, Ahmadu Bello Way, +234 803 345 4411.
    • Star Supermarket, 12B Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, +234 806 965 3424.
    • Central Supermarket, No. 19, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos, Plateau, +234 803 345 4411.
    • Jams Variety Store, 4 Apollo Crescent GRA, +234803 334 3432.
    • De-King Supermart, Suite 6 No.49 Murtala Mohammed Way Near Pyrelli Tyres, +234 709 403 3041.
    • Ishola Mothercare and Supermarket, No.2 Ahmadu Bello Way, +234708 744 5848.



    There are many eateries and restaurants that offer a range of cuisines. Local delicacies are also very abundant. Many modern restaurants also serve international dishes.

    • 1 A1 Food Restaurant (A1), Bauchi Road (from terminus via Bauch road A3), +234 814 425 9828. A1 restaurant is a simple building with nice atmosphere. Try their Shawarma. You could dine in, take away or request delivery. as low as ₦500.
    • 2 KNL Cakes & Cafe, Lamingo Rd, +234 803 454 7415. KNL offers a variety of dishes. It is a cozy place to be. They sell at relatively affordable price. Their service options are delivery, dine in and takeaway.
    • Channel 5 Restaurant, No.25 Ahmadu Bello Way, +234 805 233 6855.
    • All Spice Restaurant, 22 Apollo Crescent GRA.
    • Elysar Oriental Restaurant, Ring Road Hill Station Hotel, 10 Tudun Wada Rd.
    • The Calabar Kitchen and Restaurant, 13 Ahmadu Bello Way On Rwang Pam Street, +234 808 303 2226.
    • Sweet November Bistro, 1B Totus Tuus Close, Off Shaka Rd, Rayfield, +234 916 389 1140. 9AM-noon daily. They have different continental dishes like spaghetti salad, chicken and cheesesmooth salad, chicken salad, Shawarma fried fish and chips, pizza, coconut rice, jollof rice and fried plantain Omelettes, dessert. They offer dine for customers and their meal are pocket friendly, take away packs here.
    • Bevelyns Restaurant, 29 Bauchi Rd, +234 803 601 2573. 8AM-9PM daily. Good for watching sport, All you can eat, Quick bite, Healthy options. Their meals include jollof rice, yellow rice, fried coconut rice, boiled yam, egg dish, beans and bread, their meal are pocket friendly. Service options: dine in, take away, delivery. ₦250.
    • Tin City Cafe, 37A Apollo Cres, +234 907 777 7317. They have different kind of morning coffee, Jollof Rice,Roast Beef Sandwich with Chips on the Side,Expresso Coffee,fried rice Spaghetti Sauce fruit salad tea,grilled catfish, fish pepper soup, American burger,roasted yam and jam, coleslaw and many other dishes. Service option: Dine in take away delivery.
    • The STOP Food & Hospitality, Rayfield Road, 32 Jonah David Jang Way, +234 812 277 7535. Daily noon-9PM. They have available cobb salad, jollof rice fried rice Spaghetti Sauce fruit salad Shawarma, chicken and cheese burger, hot dot.. they offer damaged and chicken stew. They do dine in and take away delivery fast food. ₦500 and above.
    • Bevelyns Restaurant, 29 Bauchi Rd, +234 803 601 2573. 8AM-9PM daily. They offer different delicacies of fast food meals like jollof rice and chicken, boiled yam, Amala and ewedu okro soup gbegiri soup, salad, bread and beans,. They do dine in and take away delivery.



    Shemshak, opposite the University of Jos gates, is a local favourite where the price is reasonable. There are many other drink zones where local brewed drinks or international drinks are served.

    • St Ejix Bush Bar, St Ejix close, Liberty Blvd.
    • Orite Bar and Restaurant, Ring Rd, 2 Tudun Wada Rd.
    • Pacific Pub, Laranto Road.


    • 1 Krosha Suites, Furaka Village Opposite Lamingo Dam, +234 814 880 8800, +234 700 880 8800, . You could book rooms online. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar. There is internet access and 24-hour electricity supply; that is really huge for a country like Nigeria where electricity is a luxury. ₦4,000-10,000.
    • Valada Hotel and Resorts, 6 Sylvester Dabo Close, Apollo Cres, South.
    • Crest Hotel, Old Airport Rd, beside Airforce Primary School. It is a 3.5-star hotel that gives free continental breakfast and allows free valet parking. The hotel has an outdoor pool, a restaurant and a bar/lounge. It has free WiFi in public areas. The hotel has a coffee shop/café, dry cleaning centre.
    • Silk Suites, 1 Davou Mang Street, Diye Mbei, Zaramaganda.



    The usual service providers can be found in Jos. There are other third-party internet service providers among which are:

    Stay safe


    The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) is in Lamingo. They have all the hospital departments including diagnostic laboratories. It is a good place to access quality health care.



    You can speak English and Hausa to virtually every Jos citizen and they understand but someone who doesn't understand English may just stare at you as you speak while others may try redirecting you to others who can, notice where they point to, they may be pointing at people with better knowledge of what you are asking for. Some may speak a mixture of English and other languages whilst just a few would ever speak the pidgin English mostly spoken among locals. Berom and Izere are also well spoken by natives and those who live around them.

    Go next


    The city is not so far from towns like:

    • Abuja - Nigeria's capital
    • Kafanchan - the economic capital of Southern Kaduna
    • Nok - the village after which the famous Nok culture was named
    • Zangon Kataf - historically, in the days of the trans-Saharan and trans-Atlantic slave trade before the 20th century, captives were marched on foot to this town from the villages which later became Jos and the neighbourhoods where they were sold in the famous Zango market, whence they were taken towards Zaria to the Sahara or southwards to the Atlantic
    • Zaria - one of the traditional Hausa city states

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