• Gaborone


    Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and became the seat of government in 1965 when it was relocated from Mafeking, South Africa. This move preceded Botswana’s independence from Britain by a year. Situated along the Cape-Zimbabwe railway, Gaborone hosts government offices, parliament buildings, health facilities, a thermal power station, and an airport. It serves as the headquarters of the University of Botswana, established in 1976. Additionally, the town boasts a…

  • BotswanaBotswana

    The National Flag of Botswana

    The national flag of Botswana, known as “folaga ya Botswana” in Setswana, features a sky blue field intersected horizontally at the centre by a black stripe bordered with a thin white line. Adopted in 1966 to replace the Union Jack, it has represented the Republic of Botswana since gaining independence that year. Notably, it stands out among African flags for not incorporating the colours of the Pan-Africanist movement or the…

  • National AnthemsBotswana

    Fatshe leno la rona

    Fatshe leno la rona is the national anthem of Botswana. Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete composed both the music and lyrics of the national anthem, which was officially adopted upon Botswana’s independence in 1966. Since then, the anthem has been sung on various significant occasions such as Kgotla meetings and independence celebrations. It holds immense respect, with strict protocols observed when it is performed: movements are prohibited, individuals stand at attention, and…

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