La Tchadienne: National Anthem of Chad

“The Chadian Ballad,” referred to as “La Tchadienne” in French, stands as the anthem of Chad, symbolizing the nation’s identity. Crafted by Louis Gidrol, a Jesuit father, along with his assembly of scholars, and harmonized by Paul Villard, also a Jesuit figure, this composition has resonated as Chad’s official anthem since its declaration of independence from France in the dawn of January 1960.


Post a spirited competition, the verses of “La Tchadienne” emerged from the quills of Louis Gidrol and his scholarly acolytes, pupils under his tutelage at the Saint Paul Boarding School situated in Fort-Archambault, now recognized as Sarh. The melodic arrangement sprung forth from the creative genius of yet another Jesuit figure, Paul Villard. Upon Chad’s attainment of autonomy from France in the initial month of 1960, the anthem was consecrated as the country’s sovereign hymn.


LyricsLouis Gidrol and others
MusicPaul Villard
AdoptedJanuary 1960


Peuple Tchadien, debout et à l'ouvrage !
Tu as conquis ta terre et ton droit ;
Ta liberté naîtra de ton courage.
Lève les yeux, l'avenir est à Toi.

Ô mon Pays, que Dieu te prenne en garde,
Que tes voisins admirent tes enfants.
Joyeux, pacifique, avance en chantant,
Fidèle à tes anciens qui te regardent.


Race du Nord, et ses troupeaux immenses,
Race du Sud, qui cultive les champs.
Pasteurs, montagnards, pêcheurs, commerçants
Soyons un seul grand peuple qui s’avance.


La houe en main, fais vaillamment ta corde,
Vois tes enfants que tourmente la faim
Les champs devant toi attendent ton grain
Que l’huile coule et tes greniers débordent.


Tes ingénieurs te traceront des routes,
Tes médecins te rendront grand et fort,
À l’œuvre étudiant, sans craindre l’effort ;
Mets l’ignorance et le mal en déroute.


National Anthem of Chad: English translation

People of Chad, arise and to work!
You have conquered your soil and won your rights;
Your freedom will be born of your courage.
Lift up your eyes, the future is yours.

O my Country, may God protect you,
May your neighbors admire your children.
Joyful, peaceful, advance as you sing,
Faithful to your fathers who are watching you.


Race of the North, and its immense herds,
Race of the South, who cultivates the fields.
Shepherds, mountaineers, fishers and traders,
Let us be a single great people who advances.


Hoe in hand, valiantly make your rope,
See your children who are tomented by hunger,
The fields before you wait for your grain.
Let oil flow and your granaries overflow.


Your engineers will trace roads on you
Your physicians will make you big and strong
To the student's work, without worrying about the effort
Put ignorance and evil in debacle.


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