• Dakar


    Dakar, the capital and largest city of Senegal, is a bustling metropolis located on the Cape Verde Peninsula in West Africa. Known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic location, Dakar has emerged as a major economic and political hub in the region. Continue reading this article to explore the fascinating story of Dakar, from its early settlements to its present-day prominence. Join us on this journey as we…

  • National AnthemsSenegal

    Le Lion rouge: The national anthem of Senegal

    Le Lion Rouge or “The Red Lion,” also known as “Everyone strum your koras, strike the balafons,” is the national anthem of Senegal. It was officially adopted in 1960. The lyrics were penned by Léopold Sédar Senghor, who served as Senegal’s first president. The music was composed by Herbert Pepper, a French composer who also crafted the national anthem of the Central African Republic, “La Renaissance.” The kora, a type…

  • SenegalSenegal

    The National Flag of Senegal

    The National Flag of Senegal or Senegalese flag, known as the drapeau du Sénégal in French, is a tricolour featuring three vertical bands in green, yellow, and red, with a five-pointed green star positioned at the centre. This flag was adopted in 1960, replacing the flag of the Mali Federation, and has remained the national flag of the Republic of Senegal since gaining independence in the same year. The current…

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