The Littoral Region of Cameroon

The Littoral Region of Cameroon

Country Cameroon
Capital Douala
Divisions Moungo, Nkam, Sanaga-Maritime, Wouri
 • Governor Samuel Ivaha Diboua (2015– )
 • Total 36,452 km2 (14,074 sq mi)
 • Total 3,354,978
 • Density 92/km2 (240/sq mi)
ISO 3166 code CM-LT

Amidst the territorial expanse of Cameroon lies the Littoral Region, positioned in the southeastern reaches with Douala as its eminent epicentre. This region shares borders with four contiguous counterparts: the South-West Region, the Centre Region, the West Region, and the South Region, while also embracing the vastness of the Gulf of Guinea.

Comprising four Divisions, 3 City Councils, and 34 Municipal Councils, this includes the Wouri Division, encompassing 6 Councils and a City Council based in Douala, the Moungo Division with 13 Councils and a City Council headquartered in Nkongsamba, the Nkam Division boasting 4 Councils, and the Sanaga Maritime Division, which houses 11 Councils along with a City Council stationed in Edéa. Covering a terrain of 20,239 km2, this region accommodated an excess of 2,510,263 inhabitants in the year 2005. The density quotient stands at 124 inhabitants per km2, with a noteworthy 92.6% of the populace dwelling in urban enclaves, as per estimations from 2005.

Place Population
Douala 1,338,082 (2011)
Edéa 203,149 (2012)
Loum 177,429 (2012)
Nkongsamba 117,063 (2012)
Mbanga 42,590 (2012)
Manjo 37,661 (2012)
Melong 37,086 (2014)
Penja 28,406 (2012)
Dizangué 19,243 (2018)
Bonabéri 8,091 (2018)

Delving into the realm of tourism, the Littoral Region boasts a plethora of attractions. Noteworthy among these are the coastal expanses, conducive to maritime tourism, picturesque bays, and expanses of exquisitely beautiful sandy shores that extend seemingly boundlessly, particularly at Yoyo in the Mouanko Sub-Division of the Sanaga Maritime Division and at Manoka in Douala 6 Sub-Division of the Wouri Division.

Positioned proximately to the sea, on the left bank of the Wouri River, Douala stands as the preeminent regional and economic nucleus of Cameroon, a pivotal entry point to the nation. A bustling metropolis, Douala pulses with vitality, thanks to its port—among the paramount on the West African coast—and its international airport servicing an array of airlines. Beyond the burgeoned landscape of business tourism, catalyzed by the hospitality sector’s excellence, Douala’s touristic allure extends to its colonial-era bequeathed monuments and its bustling array of markets.

Yet, Douala doesn’t singularly monopolize the allure of the Littoral Region. Satellite towns such as Edéa and Nkongsamba, though secondary in stature, emerge as magnets for a diverse influx of tourists, playing host to a multitude of attractions.


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