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    Ishy Bilady

    “Ishy Bilady” (Arabic: عيشي بلادي, translated as ‘Long Live my Country’) serves as the national anthem for the United Arab Emirates. Its official adoption took place following the establishment of the UAE in 1971. The anthem’s melody was composed by Saad Abdel Wahab, an Egyptian composer and nephew of the renowned Mohammed Abdel Wahab, in the same year as the country’s formal nationalization. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that the…

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    United Arab Emirates PNG, SVG, WEBP and JPG flag icons

    Download United Arab Emirates Flag icons from here in PNG, WebP, SVG and JPEG formats. The flag of the United Arab Emirates (Arabic: علم دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة) contains the Pan-Arab colours red, green, white, and black. It was designed in 1971 by Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah, who was 19 years old at that time and was adopted on 2 December 1971 after winning a nationwide flag design contest.[1][2] The main theme of the flag’s four colours…

  • Duabai


    Dubai, the vibrant and bustling city known for its futuristic skyline and luxurious lifestyle, has a remarkable journey that traces back to its humble beginnings as a fishing village. Today, it stands as the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, showcasing an amalgamation of rich history, modern architecture, and cultural diversity. Dubai’s transformation from a modest fishing village to…

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