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Bohicon is a vibrant city in Benin, West Africa. Located in the Zou Department, it lies just 9 kilometres east of the historical city of Abomey and serves as a major economic and transportation hub for the region. With a population exceeding 149,000, Bohicon buzzes with a unique blend of traditional Beninese culture and modern development.

Here are some highlights of Bohicon:

  • Cultural crossroads: Bohicon boasts a rich tapestry of cultural influences, evident in its architecture, music, and cuisine. The city retains remnants of its Fon history, with traditional mud houses and vibrant marketplaces. At the same time, modern buildings and bustling streets add a contemporary touch.
  • UNESCO City of Gastronomy: In 2017, Bohicon was recognized by UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy for its culinary excellence. The city’s markets overflow with fresh produce, spices, and local delicacies like afitin (a protein-rich fermented condiment), houawélio (fermented corn paste), and bômiho (a savoury millet dish). Visitors can indulge in street food stalls or savour authentic Beninese flavours at cosy restaurants.
  • Historic sites: Bohicon offers a glimpse into Benin’s fascinating past. The Agongointo Village Underground, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a network of tunnels and chambers carved into the hills by the Fon people centuries ago. Visitors can explore this labyrinthine complex and learn about its historical significance. The city also houses museums showcasing Beninese art, artefacts, and cultural traditions.
  • Thriving market: Bohicon’s central market is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of local life. This vibrant marketplace pulsates with energy, overflowing with stalls selling everything from fresh produce and handcrafted souvenirs to textiles and spices. Haggling is part of the fun, and visitors can walk away with unique treasures and a memorable experience.
  • Natural beauty: Beyond the bustling city centre, Bohicon offers stunning natural landscapes. The verdant hills surrounding the city provide scenic hiking trails and breathtaking views. Visitors can also venture further afield to explore the Ouémé River Valley or the Houssa Hills, both known for their diverse flora and fauna.

Bohicon is a city that has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or simply an adventurer, Bohicon’s warm hospitality, rich culture, and vibrant atmosphere will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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Bohicon or Gbɔ̀xikɔn is a city in Benin, and a conurbation of Abomey lying 9 kilometres east of the city on the railway line from Cotonou to Parakou and on Benin's main highway RNIE 2 which joins the RNIE 4. The commune covers an area of 139 square kilometres and as of 2012 had a population of 149,271 people.

A speciality sold in the market is afitin (soy dawa-dawa/soy iru), which is traditionally and somewhat famously in Benin made by women in the region. It is a protein-rich fermented food widely used in West Africa as a seasoning.


Bohicon has a rather dry tropical savanna climate (Köppen Aw) with a lengthy though moderate wet season from March to October and a short dry season from November to February. The wet season divides into two periods: a hotter first half from March to June and a cooler, foggy second half somewhat influenced by the northern extension of the Benguela Current.


Bohicon is one of the 77 official Communes of Benin. The city is located 9 kilometres from Abomey but the commune is divided into arrondissements:

  • Bohicon 1
  • Bohicon 2
  • Sdohomé
  • Saclo
  • Passangon
  • Ouassaho
  • Lissezoun
  • Gnidjazoun
  • Avogbana
  • Agongointo

Notable landmarks

  • Lycée Technique de Bohicon (LYTEB)
  • Collège Monseigneur Steinmetz
  • Bohicon Railway Station
  • Parc Archeologique d'Agongointo

Notable people

  • Nicéphore Dieu-Donné Soglo - former President of Benin
  • Hubert Maga - Born in Parakou but studied in Bohicon.
  • Abraham Zinzindohoue - former Benin Minister of Justice
  • Ben La Desh - Musician from Rotterdam but born in Bohicon.
  • Jonas Lekpa - Famous marabout living in Bohicon.


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