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Top 10 Nigerian States with the Most Beautiful Women

When it comes to beauty and grace, Nigeria is known for producing some of the most stunning women in Africa. However, certain states within the country have a higher concentration of beautiful women than others. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Nigerian states with the most beautiful women.

Nigeria and African Beauty

Nigeria is a country brimming with beauty, both in its natural landscapes and its people. When it comes to African beauty, Nigeria stands out for its rich cultural diversity, unique features, and celebration of inner and outer radiance.

Diverse Expressions of Beauty:

  • Skin Tones: Nigeria boasts a beautiful spectrum of skin tones, from deep ebony to rich caramel and everything in between. This diversity is celebrated and seen as a source of strength and allure.
  • Facial Features: The Nigerian facial features are known for their variety and expressiveness. From high cheekbones and defined jawlines to full lips and bright eyes, there’s a unique beauty to be found in every face.
  • Hair: Nigerian hair is naturally thick, textured, and versatile. From braids and bantu knots to locs and Afros, there are countless ways to style Nigerian hair, each expressing individual beauty and cultural identity.
  • Fashion: Nigerian fashion is a vibrant blend of traditional and modern influences. From the colourful fabrics and intricate beadwork of native attire to the stylish cuts and bold designs of contemporary fashion, Nigerians express their unique sense of beauty through their clothing.

Inner Beauty:

Beyond physical appearance, Nigerians place a strong emphasis on inner beauty. Values like kindness, compassion, respect, and resilience are considered essential aspects of being beautiful. This holistic approach to beauty creates a society that values both inner and outer qualities.

Celebrating Nigerian Beauty:

The Nigerian beauty industry is booming, with a growing appreciation for local products, designers, and models. Beauty pageants, fashion shows, and cultural events celebrate the diversity and richness of Nigerian beauty.

Impact on the World:

Nigerian beauty is having a major impact on the global stage. Nigerian models are gracing the covers of international magazines and runways, and Nigerian fashion designers are showcasing their talents on the world stage. This is helping to challenge narrow beauty standards and celebrate the unique beauty of Africa.

The Top 10 Nigerian States with the Most Beautiful Women

1. Imo State: The Land of Pretty Damsels

Imo state, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, is often regarded as the home of the prettiest damsels in the country. These women are well-endowed in all aspects and possess a captivating charm that sets them apart. It’s no surprise that Imo state boasts the highest number of pageant contestants and models. From the famous actress Genevieve Nnaji to other prominent figures, Imo State has consistently produced exceptionally beautiful women.

2. Lagos State: Classy and Gorgeous

Lagos state, the bustling centre of excellence, is known for its diverse population and vibrant culture. The women of Lagos, with their distinct black beauty, exude elegance and class. Whether they are of Yoruba, Igbo, or other ethnic backgrounds, Lagosian women have a unique allure that captivates everyone. From the talented singer Tiwa Savage to other stunning personalities, Lagos state is home to some of the most beautiful women in Nigeria.

3. Cross River State: Natural Beauty and Culinary Skills

In Cross River state, beauty is not just limited to the physical appearance but also extends to the captivating nature of the women. The state is blessed with an abundance of naturally beautiful girls who perfectly complement the serene and ambient environment. Besides their physical beauty, the women of Cross River are also known for their exceptional culinary skills, making them even more attractive. Notable figures like Regina Askia have emerged from this state, showcasing its beauty to the world.

4. Enugu State: A Haven for Beauties

Enugu state, often called the Coal City state, is a place where beauty is celebrated. The array of beautiful women in Enugu is truly breathtaking, and it’s impossible to walk through the city without being amazed by their elegance. These women possess a unique charm that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who encounters them. Enugu state has undoubtedly contributed its fair share of beauties to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

5. Delta State: A Concentration of Venuses

When it comes to Delta State, the city of Warri may not be the first to come to mind. However, the concentration of stunning women in cities like Asaba, Agbor, and Oghara is enough to place Delta State on this list. From the talented actress Stella Damasus to other beautiful women, Delta State has a significant presence in the Nigerian beauty scene.

6. Rivers State: The Land of Black Beauties

Rivers state, known for its rich cultural heritage, is also home to some of the most striking black beauties in Nigeria. The Kalabari tribe and other clans within the state have produced women of exceptional beauty. It’s not uncommon to come across many “Agbani Daregos” (referring to the famous Nigerian model) in Rivers State. The beauty of these women is a testament to the diversity and richness of Nigerian culture.

7. Anambra State: Natural Models with Reserved Nature

Anambra state is known for its stunning women who possess natural modelling qualities. These women are not only physically beautiful but also have a reserved nature and conservative background, making them highly sought after as wife materials. Figures like Ebube Nwagbo have gained prominence and showcased the beauty of Anambra women to the world.

8. Ogun State: Beauty and Brains in One Package

Ogun state is home to the most beautiful Yoruba women in Nigeria. These women possess a rare combination of beauty and intelligence, making them stand out in various fields. Personalities like Funke Akindele have emerged from Ogun state, representing the beauty and talent that the state has to offer.

9. Katsina State: Pretty Fulani Girls Beyond the Veils

Katsina state, with its highest concentration of beautiful Fulani girls, showcases the beauty of Nigerian women beyond the veil. These light-skinned and extremely attractive women are a sight to behold. Their beauty resonates with the cultural heritage of the Fulani people and contributes to the diversity of Nigerian beauty.

10. Edo State: The Epitome of Beauty

Edo state, particularly the city of Benin, is renowned for producing exceptionally beautiful women. The women of Edo state are not only theoretically beautiful but also exude charm and grace in practice. A visit to Benin is sure to leave anyone awestruck by the beauty that permeates the city. Personalities like Mercy Aigbe have showcased the beauty of Edo women to the world.


In conclusion, Nigeria is undoubtedly blessed with an abundance of beautiful women. From the prettiest damsels of Imo state to the natural models of Anambra state, each region brings its unique charm to the Nigerian beauty scene. Whether it’s their physical appearance, cultural heritage, or culinary skills, these women continue to captivate hearts and inspire others with their beauty and grace. Nigeria truly shines as a beacon of beauty in Africa.

We know that your opinion might be different from ours as regards this subject. So, tell us in the comment section below, the Nigerian State with the most beautiful women.

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