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Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

Which are the Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024? Africa is a continent known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and vibrant communities. In recent years, African universities have been gaining recognition for their academic excellence and contributions to research and innovation. The Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2024 and the QS World University Rankings 2024 have highlighted the top universities in Africa, showcasing their commitment to providing quality education and fostering intellectual growth.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 universities in Africa for 2024, their locations, notable achievements, and the unique opportunities they offer to students.

Education in Africa

Education in Africa is a complex and multifaceted topic, with both significant progress and ongoing challenges. Here’s an overview:


  • Increased access: Over the past two decades, Africa has seen remarkable progress in access to education. More children are in school than ever before, with primary school enrollment rates exceeding 80% in many countries.
  • Focus on girls: Gender disparities are narrowing, with girls making significant gains in educational attainment.
  • Investment: Several African governments are prioritizing education, increasing budget allocations and implementing reforms.
  • Innovation: Initiatives like mobile learning and technology-aided education are expanding access and improving quality in remote areas.


  • Quality: Despite increased access, the quality of education remains a concern. Learning outcomes are often low, and many graduates lack the skills needed for the job market.
  • Inequities: Access and quality vary greatly across countries, regions, and socioeconomic groups. Girls, children in rural areas, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly at risk of being left behind.
  • Teacher shortages: A lack of qualified teachers, especially in rural areas, hinders effective learning.
  • Conflict and displacement: Ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises disrupt education for millions of children.
  • Financial constraints: Inadequate funding continues to be a major obstacle to improving education systems.

Looking ahead:

  • Focus on equity: Ensuring equitable access to quality education for all, regardless of background, is crucial.
  • Improving learning outcomes: Emphasis should be placed on skills development, critical thinking, and problem-solving to prepare graduates for the future workforce.
  • Investing in teachers: Attracting, training, and retaining qualified teachers is essential for raising the quality of education.
  • Innovation and technology: Utilizing technology effectively can bridge the gap in access and quality, especially in remote areas.
  • Addressing underlying challenges: Tackling poverty, conflict, and gender inequality is key to achieving education for all.

Considering your location in Dschang, Cameroon:

  • Cameroon has made significant strides in education, with primary school enrollment reaching 89% in 2020. However, quality and access remain challenges, particularly in rural areas and for girls.
  • The government has implemented various initiatives to improve education, including teacher training programs and curriculum reforms.
  • Several international organizations and NGOs are also working to support education in Cameroon.

In conclusion, education in Africa presents a complex picture of progress and challenges. While significant strides have been made, continued efforts are needed to ensure all children have access to quality education that equips them for a brighter future.

Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

1. University of Cape Town (South Africa)

The University of Cape Town (UCT), founded in 1829, takes the top spot in the ranking of the best universities in Africa. Situated in the breathtaking landscape of the Western Cape, UCT offers a wide range of academic programs and is known for its exceptional teaching and research environment. With a significant jump of 64 positions from the previous year, UCT is ranked joint 173rd in the QS World University Rankings 2024. The campus, nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain’s Devil’s Peak, provides students with a stimulating and inspiring learning environment.

2. University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

Ranked joint 264th in the world, the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) is a renowned South African university located in Johannesburg, the country’s largest city. Wits has made significant progress, moving up from its previous global ranking of 428 and third place in Africa in 2023. The university has five campuses spread across urban and suburban areas of Johannesburg. Wits has a strong focus on research and has achieved a high employment rate, with 97% of its students securing jobs within six months of graduation.

3. Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Stellenbosch University, established in 1918, is ranked 283rd in the world in 2024, showcasing a significant improvement from its previous rank of 454. Situated in the town of Stellenbosch, 50 kilometres east of Cape Town, the university offers a picturesque setting for students to pursue their academic goals. Stellenbosch University is known for its excellence in teaching and research, particularly in fields such as medicine and agriculture & forestry. The campus provides a vibrant and inclusive learning environment, fostering collaboration and innovation.

4. University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

The University of Johannesburg (UJ), founded in 2005, has made remarkable progress in the QS World University Rankings, jumping from its previous position of 412th to 306th in 2024. UJ is located in South Africa and has gained recognition for its global research network, which stands at an impressive 97% according to QS ranking standards. The university offers a diverse range of academic programs and places a strong emphasis on research and collaboration. UJ’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes it a top choice for students seeking a quality education.

5. University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Ranked joint 323rd in the world this year, the University of Pretoria is one of the largest universities in South Africa, with over 52,000 students spread across seven campuses. The university has witnessed a significant rise in its ranking, moving up from 591-600 to 323 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. With an excellent employment rating of 58.4% according to QS, the University of Pretoria equips its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers in their chosen fields.

6. Cairo University (Egypt)

Cairo University, located in Giza, 20 kilometres southwest across the Nile from Cairo, is ranked among the top 400 universities globally in 2024. With a global rank of 371 and 6th in Africa, Cairo University is highly regarded for its academic reputation and high employment rate of 72.5%. The university, founded in 1908, offers a wide range of programs across various disciplines and provides students with a vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment.

7. The American University in Cairo, Egypt

The American University in Cairo (AUC) has made significant progress in the QS World University Rankings, moving from last year’s ranking of 416 to joint 415th in 2024. AUC is renowned for its English-language instruction and boasts Egypt’s largest English-language library collection. The university offers a diverse range of programs and fosters a multicultural and inclusive community. With an outstanding employment rate of 63.3%, AUC prepares its students for successful careers in a globalized world.

8. University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

The University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN), established in 2004 through the merger of previous institutions, has steadily climbed the rankings, moving from a lower rank of 801-1000 in the previous year to 621-630 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. UKZN has positioned itself as one of the leading public universities in South Africa, with five campuses located in the KwaZulu-Natal province. The university offers a wide range of programs and provides students with access to cutting-edge research and academic resources.

9. Ain Shams University, Egypt

Ain Shams University (ASU), located in Cairo, is one of the best public universities in Egypt’s capital city. It ranks between 721 and 730 in the QS World University Rankings of 2024. Established in 1950, ASU is a large institution catering to approximately 180,000 students across 15 academic departments. The university is committed to providing quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment for its diverse student body.

10. North-West University, South Africa

North-West University (NWU), situated in Potchefstroom, a city in South Africa, secures the 10th position among the top universities in Africa for 2024. Ranked between 801 and 850 in the QS global ranking, NWU has shown progress from its previous rank of 1001-1200. The university offers a wide range of academic programs and is known for its excellence in fields such as medicine and agriculture & forestry. NWU’s commitment to providing quality education and research opportunities makes it a sought-after institution in South Africa.


In conclusion, the top universities in Africa for 2024 offer exceptional educational opportunities, research facilities, and a supportive learning environment. These universities have demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence and have made significant progress in global rankings. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, agriculture, or any other field, these universities provide a solid foundation for your academic journey. Consider exploring the unique offerings of each institution and choose the one that aligns with your academic and career aspirations.

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