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The national flag of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, adopted on 15 August 2021 following the Taliban’s victory in the 2001–2021 war, features a white field with a black Shahada inscribed. Since the 20th century, Afghanistan has changed its national flag several times. The national flag had black, red and green colours most of the time during the period.

In contrast, the tricolour flag of the internationally recognized Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, still in use internationally and by internal resistance groups, consists of three vertical stripes in black, red and green, with the national emblem at the centre in white. This emblem is encircled by sheaves of wheat and encompasses several elements: a Shahada, a Takbir, rays of the sun, a mosque with a mihrab and minbar, two miniature Afghan flags, the year 1298 in the Solar Hijri calendar (corresponding to 1919 in the Gregorian calendar), and the name of the nation. A version of this tricolour flag, introduced by King Amanullah Khan in July 1928, similarly featured three vertical stripes and an emblem within wheat sheaves.

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