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Santchou is a commune and town in the Menoua division of the Western Region of Cameroon. It is located on the Noun River, about 50 kilometers northwest of the city of Dschang. Santchou is home predominantly to the Mbo people; this is reflected in the name. It is located on a plain and it is part of the region known as the Plain des Mbo. It is bordered to the north by mount manengouba to the south by the cliff of Dschang and to the east by Kekem.


Santchou was founded in the 18th century by the Mbo people. The town grew rapidly in the 19th century, becoming a major center for trade and agriculture. In 1901, the Germans built a railway line through Santchou, which helped to further boost the town’s growth.


This town is a major agricultural center. It is surrounded by plantations of coffee, cocoa, rubber, and other crops. Santchou is also a major center for the processing and distribution of agricultural products.


Santchou is a multicultural town. The town is home to people from many different ethnic groups, including the Mbo, the Bamileke, and the Bassa. The town is also home to a large number of expatriates.

Santchou is known for its vibrant culture. The town is home to a number of museums, art galleries, and theaters. Santchou is also known for its music and dance scene. The town is home to a number of traditional and modern music groups.


This town is a popular tourist destination. The town is known for its beautiful scenery, its rich culture, and its friendly people. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Santchou include:

  • The Noun River: A beautiful river that flows through the town.
  • The Santchou Museum: A museum that tells the story of the town’s history and culture.
  • The Santchou Art Gallery: An art gallery that features the work of local and international artists.
  • The Santchou Cultural Center: A cultural center that hosts a variety of events, including concerts, plays, and exhibitions.


It is a vibrant and growing town in Cameroon. The town is home to a diverse population, a rich culture, and a beautiful natural environment. Santchou is a popular tourist destination and a great place to live and work.


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