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Nyamboya is a village situated in the Bankim commune within the Adamawa region and Mayo-Banyo division of Cameroon. The residents of Nyamboya belong to the Kwanja ethnic group, who are believed to have migrated from Nigeria to establish their community in the Mayo-Banyo department.

Country Cameroon
Population189  methods. (2005 1 )
Contact details6° 17′ 05″ north, 11° 34′ 36″ east



Nyamboya Baptist Health Centre (NBHC) originated as a Primary Health Centre (PHC) in the 1990s under the supervision of the Life Abundant Primary Healthcare Program (LAP).

Currently, NBHC functions as an Integrated Health Center with a dedicated team of over 21 staff members. It boasts a bed capacity of 29 and operates around the clock, providing continuous services. NBIHC serves an average of 370 patients, hailing from nearly 10 communities in the Nyamboya Health Area, including Nyamboya, Yimbere, Ndoumdjandi, Barage Lundi, Barage Zina, Timidjoum, Ndem-Ndem, and others. The health centre is overseen by Banyo Baptist Hospital (BBH), with occasional supervision conducted by Government Hospitals.


In this region of the country, the primary agricultural products include bananas, maize, groundnuts, cassava, and yams, serving both as staple food crops and sources of income.

An innovation from which the locality of Nyamboya benefits today: is the maize castreuse. A whole technical device, illustrating one of the implementations of the financing of the Three-year Emergency Plan for the Acceleration of Economic Growth (PLANUT) prescribed by the Head of State. Imported for the very first time in Cameroon, the castreuse is agricultural equipment specific to the production of corn seeds.


Concerning the religion in Nyamboya, we have Muslims and Christians with the Muslim religion being the predominant.


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